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App Platforms

FREEON use the Apple X-Code, Android Java, and Unity3D to a variety of smart devices that are optimized for App service.

We are committed to keeping up with the rapid changing technology. So, we are here to comprehensive products available to meet your needs.

All content creation through self-produced by “FREEON” ensuring excellent quality.

Services suitable for a large variety of application and server environments by providing fast, more flexible, comfortable treatment, ranking processing functions such as image processing, chetting millions of online data safety and to respond quickly.

To accomplish this, the server provides an environment that is stable and comfortable at any time through the correct understanding and management of MS, UNIX systems.



FREEON severvices variety of content in progress. In order to meet Customer Needs according to these various genres, with fast,and clear customer-facing efforts to minimize complaints.

The FREEON service over 128 countries online and customer service systems, we try to listen to any one in the world and no matter where you are in the world.

Throuhout the “FREEON” we will try our very best to give you a wonderful experience and bring you happiness.

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